Manufacturing Architectural Coatings

Polymers and additives for architectural coatings - Our can of paint approach

Through our Can of Paint strategy, Kingdom Paints continues to work to improve coatings for our customers. This entails using a holistic approach to formulation to innovate to suit customer wants and provide market-relevant ideas. Our team’s extensive technical knowledge and comprehensive product selection enable us to provide solutions for a wide range of needs and applications.


Interior and exterior latex house paints

Latex paints are the only ones that come in eggshell, matte, or flat finishes. This latex finish is thought to be the most refined and modern of the two. The finish of latex paint is easy to maintain and robust enough to endure all of your home’s heavy traffic areas. Satin finish paint is available in both latex and enamel forms.

Enamel dries to a hard, glass-like finish that is stain-resistant and easy to clean. Oil-based or enamel paints come in a variety of finishes, including satin, semi-gloss, and high-gloss, and are typically used for trim, cabinets, and other high-impact areas due to the excellent durability of enamel paint’s finish.


Following are the jobs done

Great hiding power. Protects wood. Easy soap and water clean up. Adhersion on wood and previously coated surfaces. Contractors PVA. Universal Undercoat. Red Oxide steel Primer. Zinc Primer. Choose a wood filler that best matches the project you are working on, and make sure it is paintable/stainable.

Use the putty knife to smooth out the wood filler on the damaged area or any unwanted hardware holes. The majority of the wood filler should be put to the damaged area of your item and not to the wood outside the damage, but there may be some overlap, especially with extensive repairs.

Premium interior

Get a new look in your eyes

This paint resists fading, cracking and peeling. It offers excellent paint color retention.

Ceiling acrylic pva

Make additional construction for your home

This ceiling paint offers a matte finish and provides a smooth look. It has been designed for easy application with a roller brush or paint brush. It dries within an hour and can be recoated after 3 hours

Flexi Interior

You name it we fix it

Very good at hiding and offers full coverage. Provides a uniform flat finish. Easy Application. Low odor

Premium Silk

Complete plumbing works taken

The premium silk paint is washable. It offers excellent hide and coverage. It is the best for all your interior paint projects. It has a low level of odor as opposed to other paints.

This high quality roof and stoep paint offers durable and strong hiding power. It is available in different colors.

We have a huge range of Exterior Paint including exterior satin & gloss and smooth & textured masonry paint, all available in colors ranging from brilliant white to black

At Kingdom Paints, we recognize that the final product is the most important aspect of your task. You’re only as good as your last job in this industry. That is why we are proud of the wide range of accessories we offer. From masking tape and surface cleansers to rollers, poles, and spray machines, we have everything you’ll need for your next job.

Our products will guide you through the entire process, from planning to completion and cleanup. So, if you’re looking for the perfect finish, we’ve got you covered. If you want a spotless workspace, we have the tools for you as well.

Special Features

We create chemistry

All you need to paint is a few tools, a little instruction, and a vision in your mind

For a sustainable future

We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.


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